company Overview

Reeder Energy Partners, LP was formed in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. The principals have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and a knowledge base from which to make extremely educated decisions. Reeder maintains its own team of geological, geophysical, land, engineering and administration staff who have decades of experience in all the basins of North America and internationally, including South America, the Middle East, Canada, eastern Europe and southeast Asia.

Reeder has experience engaging in oil and gas exploration and development projects in addition to acquisition of producing properties. It currently has over 200 producing wells in known producing regions of the United States. While its principal focus is now in the Rockies, on- and offshore Louisiana, west Texas and the Texas gulf coast, it has actively participated in numerous drilling programs to pursue the goal of increasing its portfolio.

In addition to generating prospects internally, Reeder Energy also participates in external prospects.